The tube amplifiers built by Joaquim Pinto had origin in a challenge that was given to him by a friend - who knew Pinto’s technical skills and had already requested several repairs of audio devices. The challenge consisted in creating a tube amplifier, from scratch, that followed performance requirements that led to his auditory sensibility e that were technically measurable.

The challenge consisted in building the amplifier using techniques used in the 50’s-60’s – in what concerns the audio circuit itself – through the welding point to point method and thus repudiating any circuit printed in the sign line.


Joaquim Pinto accepted this challenge by proposing himself to build the amplifier with a output audio transformer, which he would manufacture himself, according with the requirements of a real High-End amplifier. With this objective, he spent a year experimenting with windings, calculations and measurements until he reached a range of bandwidth between 20Hz and 60KHz, actually measured in the maximum power of the amplifier (45 Watts per channel).

The result was a amplifier which performances seduced everyone who attended to its hearing, resulting in a number of orders relevant enough to justify the aesthetical improvement with the goal of eventual commercialization.

Joaquim Pinto also makes pre-amplifiers and personalized amplifiers with the costumer’s specifications.